PALS Club Membership Criteria and Process

  1. All male persons of good character and education, who are willing to support the purposes of this Club and abide by its Constitution and By-Laws, are eligible for membership.
  2. Membership into PALS Club shall be by invitation only.
  3. Active members shall file a nomination for membership with the Secretary of the Club with the names of one or more prospective members.
  4. The prospective member/s must be sponsored by one or more active members. When filing a nomination for membership the Sponsoring member must include a letter of interest and resume or equivalent from the candidate for membership.
    • The nomination/s must be referred to the Membership and Awards Committee who shall investigate the character and other qualifications of the perspective member/s and make recommendations.
    • The nomination will be voted upon at the next meeting following the report of the Membership and Awards Committee.
  5. The Secretary shall notify all the active members that there will be an election for one or more nominee/s by secret ballot.
  6. Any nominee receiving a favorable two-third (2/3) vote of the active members present will be sent an invitation from by the Secretary Club to:
    • Become a member upon payment of the initiatory fee of one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00);
    • Plus the pro rata share of annual dues payable at the time of entrance into membership.
  7. In the event that the member of vacancies is not filled from the list of nominees presented, the submission of nominees and balloting shall continue at subsequent monthly meeting until a full roster of twenty-five (25) is achieved.